California Rehabilitation Programs

It is estimated that more than 150,000 addicts require drug or alcohol addiction treatment each day in the state of California. Although there are a so many people who are receiving daily help, this number only reflects about 15-20% of the total number of people who require treatment. Hundreds of thousands of addicts do not receive the help that they need for drug or alcohol addiction.

California is one of the leading states for drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation but this doesn't mean that every program and method of treatment in the state is effective. Many California rehab programs provide inpatient care and this is considered the most effective method of treatment for all of those involved, however, it is estimated that less than 40% of those who require addiction treatment in the state receive the care of a residential rehabilitation center.

California Inpatient Rehabilitation

For the individual who is seemingly hopelessly addicted to drugs or alcohol, inpatient rehabilitation provides the safest and most effective means of care. Without a full commitment to getting well, the risk of relapse increases by as much as 200% or more. Most inpatient rehab centers in California will include family counseling, individual and group counseling as well as a range of therapeutic options to assist patients in coping with every aspect of their addiction and treatment. Long-term acceptance in an inpatient rehabilitation program ensures the best chance of beating addiction and remaining sober long term.

For those who are not ready to commit or who have already achieved the successful completion of an inpatient rehabilitation program, the next step is to seek the help of an outpatient addiction treatment program that can provide added support and monitoring. These programs provide patients with a safe place to seek counseling and therapy during normal business hours. Monitoring through random drug and alcohol testing will ensure abstinence from these substances and support through individual and group counseling ensures psychological healing.

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